Saturday, July 19, 2014

Borrowing from the Boys!

Oversized pieces are a trend that is here is to stay. It's also a trend that's relatively harder to style. I mean, slouchy can be good, but sloppy? Not so much. And with oversized pieces, it's a fine line between the two. I think one of the chicest ways to incorporate the oversized trend into your wardrobe is to start with silhouettes that still have some structure to them - like this cocoon coat for example, which has a silhouette that tapers from the hip, adding some definition. Paying attention to proportions is also key when playing with extra material. Make sure you balance the volume at the top with structure at the bottom or vice versa. And keep the accessories sharp and neutral to balance the drama and ground the look beautifully. I hope these tips will help those of you considering the oversized trend.

Here's to borrowing from the boys, and wearing it like a lady.

Have a great weekend!
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